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Family Pizzeria

$5 OFF e-Coupon. Simply show this e-Coupon on your phone when you make on order. Today’s Special - PROSCIUTTO Pizza! Thinly sliced prosciutto di Parma, fresh tomatoes, homemade mozzarella cheese, olive oil sauce...

Luxury car interior

Incredible range-topping sedan will delight drivers—and front-row passengers—with a pair of 22-way power-adjustable seats that are heated, and ventilated, and offer a relaxing massage, and feature high-comfort headrests. But rear-seat occupants aren’t forgotten, either

Hot deal

Save 20% on 3 nights stay. Stay more and pay less! This offer includes a complimentary drink upon arrival and in-room breakfast for two. We provide outstanding customer service and superb cuisine. Book now

Piano lessons

Hi, I am an indie musician deriving inspiration from the old French movies, nature, and my small zen garden. Please visit my YouTube channel

Bike for sale

Bike sale! Strong and speedy, thanks to its lightweight alloy frame and 14 speed gearing, this bike will keep that smile on your face for years to come.

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How it works

Look around

Discover all iBeacons within the range of 100 km. You will be surprised who much the digital dimension has to offer! Your favorite places – cafes, restaurants, shops, fitness clubs etc. provide to KNOQ users exclusive deals, coupons, discounts, tips and many more.

Get closer

You get push notifications, as you approach the places with iBeacons installed. Only relevant and location-based information provided by the nearest venues within 70 m. KNOQ keeps everything in easy reach!


Stay up-to-date and get the necessary information that can be used within your vicinity. Your smartphone has never been smarter; you will have the latest and greatest offers at your fingertips. Install KNOQ аpp and let the journey begin!

Spread Yourself

Wherever you go, whatever you are doing, KNOQ will deliver anything you want directly to nearby smartphones. Express yourself, tell who you are, and show what you have to offer to people around.

Go Visible

Reach people with attention-grabbing push notifications on their smartphones and wearables, find like-minded, make some deals or just have fun! KNOQ empowers your smartphone bringing true location-intelligence into daily life.

Keep in touch

KNOQ is versatile and multilanguage tool for delivery of content at the right place and time. Since your information find its recipients, people can easily get in touch with you by clicking on your contact details.

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After installing KNOQ app, you will discover a new digital dimension, where everything is getting smart and responsive.
KNOQ’s user interface is simple and easy-to-use. Beautiful design and great usability will enhance your user experience.
Your benefits

Automated Scanning

KNOQ enables automated location scanning to keep you up-to-date with your area’s goings-on.


KNOQ is easy and fun-to use!

Near-Zero Battery Consumption

With BLE technology, KNOQ’s battery consumption is near zero.

Offline Mode

Push notifications are receivable even without Internet connection.

Broadcast mode

With KNOQ’s broadcasting mode, use your smartphone as iBeacon and create your own campaign!

Indoor navigation

With KNOQ iBeacon, you will find your way in any real-time location with indoor navigation service.


All information can be delivered in the language of your choice.

«iBeacons could change the world forever. … This is opening the door for groundbreaking services that could enhance the average person’s life.»
The Washington Post


iBeacon is a new technology created by Apple, wireless micro-location tool that allows to determine location of a smartphone in the most accurate way. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as Bluetooth Smart.

Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Smart technology is the ultra-power efficient version of Bluetooth transforming the wireless industry. This technology introduces new opportunities in industry verticals from consumer electronics, medical devices and home automation to retail and wearables.


KNOQ unites those two great technologies, enabling your smartphone to get and receive location-based information about places you go and people around. You should not worry about your privacy – iBeacons only transmit information without collecting user’s personal data.

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